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AIC Pandemic/Disaster Reciprocal Agreement

All you have to do to participate in this endeavor is sign the last page of the Agreement and send it to the AIC.  We encourage you to do so today.  By doing so you are not making any type of monetary commitment.  You are simply stating that if a situation arises the AIC can contact you, and you will then make a determination as to whether you can offer some type of assistance.

It is recognized and acknowledged that in certain potential situations, the provision of assistance consisting of personnel, equipment, supplies and/or services by an AIC participating member outside the boundaries of its cemetery limits in order to assist another AIC participating cemetery is desirable and necessary to preserve and protect the health, safety and welfare of families served by the AIC participating member.  

These potential situations include, but are not limited to, bioterrorism or terrorism events, outbreaks or release of dangerously contagious or infectious disease, infectious agents, chemical agents or toxins, natural disasters, technological hazards, man-made disasters, civil emergencies, community disorders, insurgency, enemy attack, or other emergencies that possess the high probability of death, thus the need for burial or proper disposition of human remains.  The promotion and coordination of such assistance through the PANDEMIC/DISASTER RECIPROCAL AID GROUP OF THE AIC to be established through this Agreement is desirable for the effective and efficient provision of mutual aid and assistance.

Click here for a PDF of the Agreement.